Czech Gay Casting Martin

Martin is the latest guy that auditioned in the Czech gay casting studio. During his interview, we found out that Martin is a traveler, he’s been everywhere and usually went as a companion. He also told us that he doesn’t mind working in this business, even if he’s interested in girls. Martin likes having fun with guys too. He was pretty sure of himself during all those questions but he lost all his confidence once he saw our cameraman’s dick. He was all talk during the interview, bragging about this traveling and his other affairs with men, so we are pretty curious to see if he can handle our cameraman’s big dick.

Martin undressed, showing us with what he was working and he has a hot body, I guess that explains all those free vacations. After taking a couple of photos in the studio, we asked our cameraman to join him on set to shoot the last part of it. Martin was a bit nervous like we said all that confidence he had earlier went out the window. But with a little push from our cameraman, he finally came out of his shell and we could see what Martin can really do in the sack. We were kind of impress with him and his performance, but no worries we have it here for you guys. Click below to see him in action!

czech-gay-casting-martin gay-cast-martin