Czech Gay Casting Video

We got a great new Czech gay casting video for you today. Daniel is the star of this one and we can’t wait for you guys to check it out. He looks great, cute face, nice body and the most important thing he doesn’t have any boundaries. The Czech amateur is straight and has a loving girlfriend waiting for him home, a girlfriend that supports him in everything he tries. Daniel likes experiencing as many things he can and he wanted to do this too. From what we talked with him, he seems a really nice, open minded guy so we can’t wait to see him in action. After we wrapped the first part of the interview, Daniel had to undress. We were right because he has a really nice body and he isn’t shy at all in front of the camera.

After we took enough pictures we sent our cameraman in front of the camera for the final part of the interview. Daniel surprised us all once he started sucking off his dick and although he said that he’s straight it was really hard to believe it once you see him riding the cameraman’s dick. If this truly was his first time, he did an amazing job. We’ll definitely keep Daniel in mind for the final audition. Click below to see him in action and let us know what you think about him and his first audition!

See this straight guy auditioning for a gay movie!

Czech Gay Casting – Tomas

Tomas is the next in line for the Czech gay casting. It is pretty hard to describe him. Tomas has an amazing body and we are sure that he is going to win you over with one look at his beautiful eyes. Like many other guys around here, he is straight, he has a girlfriend. He likes football, running and boxing. Another thing he told us during the interview was that he really enjoys life and he would like to try out everything. This casting was one of the things he wanted to try out and he did a great job. After we finished talking with him it was time to take some pictures of our hunk.

Like we said earlier he has an amazing body and we got some really great pics with it. But there was more to this interview. Now we had to really test Tomas out with our cameraman. In this business, it’s not enough to just look good. That’s why during this interview you are going to see him sucking off a dick that ends up with cumshots. Our cameraman really enjoyed Tomas but the decision is yours because we what to know what you guys think about Tomas and his audition. We think this interview was a success, he’s hot and he knows how to suck a dick and take a dick up his ass. Make sure you check him out in the scene below and we’ll see you next time with an amazing video!

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Mirek’s First Gay Audition

Like most of the guys from the Czechgaycasting, Mirek is straight too, but he is interested in started a career in erotica. The hot blonde guy told us that he kinda likes dudes too, so there’s a start. After meeting with our cameraman he will know for sure if he’s into guys or not. Mirek also told us that he enjoys football and watching movies. Like he said, he enjoys playing any “ball game” there is. Mirek had a pretty interesting life, for a while he worked abroad, so he has some experience but didn’t actually find his career, hopefully, we can help him with his problem.

After we finished our talk with him, we asked him to undress, to get a clearer look at his body. We could tell that he works out but we had to see him completely naked too. Mirek has a really nice body and he would surely look amazing on camera. That takes us to the last part of our meeting with him. The Czech amateur now had to pass the final test with the help of our cameraman. Mirek did the best he could to impress and you can see him in the gallery below, blowing his big dick and then getting his tight virgin ass hammered. Enjoy it and make sure you return for more hot czechgaycasting updates! See you next time!

Watch this straight guy auditioning for a gay movie!

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Jirka’s Audition

CzechGayCasting found another hot amateur ready to try his luck in this business. Jirka is tall, with dark hair and blue eyes and had a hot body, a body that’s perfect for what we need. He told us a bit about himself during the interview and there’s where we found out that he studied to become a mechanic, worked in a coal mine and now he earns a living from male escorting. But that isn’t all because now he wanted to become a porn actor.

Flirting wasn’t really his game but we had to check out the rest too. We asked him to undress to take a few photos and we were right because he really had a hot body. We guess that’s mandatory if you are working as a male escort because, let’s face it, everyone knows how those nights end and why you earn so much money doing it. Jirka seemed pretty confident after seeing our cameraman’s dick and did what he knows best. He grabbed the opportunity and fucked it hard! Trust us you are definitely going to like what you are about to see in the scene below. Jirka did a hell of a job sucking off our guy’s dick and then getting his tight asshole stuffed by him. Check it out in the gallery below and stay tuned for more updates. Until then you can take a look at our older ones!


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Czech Gay Casting Martin

Martin is the latest guy that auditioned in the Czech gay casting studio. During his interview, we found out that Martin is a traveler, he’s been everywhere and usually went as a companion. He also told us that he doesn’t mind working in this business, even if he’s interested in girls. Martin likes having fun with guys too. He was pretty sure of himself during all those questions but he lost all his confidence once he saw our cameraman’s dick. He was all talk during the interview, bragging about this traveling and his other affairs with men, so we are pretty curious to see if he can handle our cameraman’s big dick.

Martin undressed, showing us with what he was working and he has a hot body, I guess that explains all those free vacations. After taking a couple of photos in the studio, we asked our cameraman to join him on set to shoot the last part of it. Martin was a bit nervous like we said all that confidence he had earlier went out the window. But with a little push from our cameraman, he finally came out of his shell and we could see what Martin can really do in the sack. We were kind of impress with him and his performance, but no worries we have it here for you guys. Click below to see him in action!

czech-gay-casting-martin gay-cast-martin

Gay Casting Robert

In this Czechgaycasting scene, we have another young guy trying his luck in the porn industry. His name is Robert and this is his first time trying something like this. But he likes experiencing new things without overdoing them. That’s his motto and he tries to stick with it. The 20 years old Czech amateur is here without having any experience what so ever, but that isn’t going to stop him. We asked him a few questions just to get him used to the camera because he was visibly nervous. He was a nice guy so we couldn’t wait to see him in action in the last part of the interview.

We started slow and asked him to undress, to show us his body because that’s important in this business. Patrick surprised us because besides being handsome he had an amazing body to go with it all. After we took some pictures of him naked around the studio we brought our hunk and started the last part of the interview. Robert needed a bit of guidance but after he understood how things work he did a hell of a job. Robert showcased his oral skills and our guy got to bang his tight virgin ass. These casting sessions just get hotter and hotter. Click here to see Robert’s entire casting gallery!


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Daniel Gay Casting

Daniel is an intelligent guy, with deep brown eyes and subtle features. He’s our next guy here in the casting studios. Daniel is single, not like the rest of the guys, and he is here because he actually wants to try out anal sex. Money is a factor too, but he’s also curious to see how is it to get his ass fucked. From what he told us during the interview he had a previous gay experience and that included oral sex. But it’s been a while since then and he just couldn’t find a partner to seal the deal.

That’s what he told us during the interview, but now it was time to test him out, to see how much of what he said is actually true. We could tell that he had some experience in sucking dicks but another thing surprised us. When he had to get his ass fucked, he sat easily on the big dick and started the wild fucking session, just like a professional. So we aren’t too sure about the things he previously said in the interview, but we are happy that he gave us a great show in this latest update. He is a special addition for all the guys that enjoy younger guys and blowjobs that finish with cumshots on face. We can assure you that this scene is going to be an unforgettable czechgaycasting experience. Click here to see it!


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Czech Gay Casting Petr

As you got used here at Czech gay casting we have some of the hottest amateurs starting their careers. Petr is, of course, one of them. He already has a serious fan club after all the solo shooting he did before this casting. Petr’s girlfriend is also in the business, so she doesn’t mind at all that he goes to these kinds of castings. They actually enjoy the perks that this lifestyle brings to the relationship. They never get bored of one another and they also understand one another’s dedication. After all those solo shootings he can now appreciate a guy’s body and most of them appreciate his hot body too. But besides his hot body, he has a pretty face to go with it, so he has it all.

But enough talking, we want to see him in action and test him out for our project, to see if he actually is a good fit for what we need. Petr knew before he got here that is was going to be more that a shooting and that he had to audition for the part with another guy. This was his first encounter of this type, but he did a pretty good job. There’s always room for improvements, but with a bit of work, we think he can end up being one of the best in the industry. Below you have some nude pictures of him and a little preview from his first gay encounter. This was all for today, but until next time make sure you check out some of our latest updates! Enjoy it and stay tuned!

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Pavel Casting

Hey there and welcome back for more Czech gay castings. Pavel has one of the hottest buddies we ever laid our eyes on in this studio. Pavel has a different situation that the rest of the guys. Although he is straight his girlfriend actually support his career and he’s happy that he’s happy and popular in what he does. Pavel’s two fetishes are feet and pissing, but he works hard to find new ones with each experience. One of his specialties is enormous cumshots and this makes him a great addition to our needs. He is perfect for the project, but we still needed an audition to see if everything he says is actually true.

So after this hot interview, he was set up with one of our guys and he was actually amazing, just like he described himself. So he blew everyone’s mind when he started sucking off dicks and getting his ass pounded. But indeed his specialty are cumshots and he proves it once he was done getting this tight ass pounded. This was one of his hardest ass fucks but made is look like he was a pro. And to make everything more interesting his girlfriend was there, in the studio, with him supporting him behind the cameras. Pavel sure brought us something new to the czechgaycasting project and we are sure that we’re going to hear about him in the future.

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Czech Gay Casting David

David is the next guy that visited the Czech gay casting studios. Like most of the guys that pass out doorstep, he is straight and he’s really in love with his girlfriend. David filmed a few solo scenes, but nothing too serious. From what he told us, he used to strip in front of a camera to earn some extra money when he was younger. He never had a full gay experience and this still is a little weird for him. But Davis is a flexible guy and if the money is ok, he can get used to it.

Shooting with David was way easier because he already got used to the cameras. So we started with some solo pictures, his specialty, he took off his shirt, his pants, and underwear. With a cute face like his and his hot body, we are pretty sure he’s gonna have a pretty nice career. But this was the easiest part because now he had to have his first guy on guy action. He surprised us all once he started blowing our cameraman’s dick and after seeing that he’s a serious candidate. Who knows maybe we’ll see him in a movie pretty soon. You can check out David in the gallery below and we think you are going to enjoy it as much as we did. See you next time so stay tuned for more gay casting episodes. We are just getting started!

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