Jirka’s Audition

CzechGayCasting found another hot amateur ready to try his luck in this business. Jirka is tall, with dark hair and blue eyes and had a hot body, a body that’s perfect for what we need. He told us a bit about himself during the interview and there’s where we found out that he studied to become a mechanic, worked in a coal mine and now he earns a living from male escorting. But that isn’t all because now he wanted to become a porn actor.

Flirting wasn’t really his game but we had to check out the rest too. We asked him to undress to take a few photos and we were right because he really had a hot body. We guess that’s mandatory if you are working as a male escort because, let’s face it, everyone knows how those nights end and why you earn so much money doing it. Jirka seemed pretty confident after seeing our cameraman’s dick and did what he knows best. He grabbed the opportunity and fucked it hard! Trust us you are definitely going to like what you are about to see in the scene below. Jirka did a hell of a job sucking off our guy’s dick and then getting his tight asshole stuffed by him. Check it out in the gallery below and stay tuned for more updates. Until then you can take a look at our older ones!


  • Updated February 24, 2017
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