Czech Gay Casting – Tomas

Tomas is the next in line for the Czech gay casting. It is pretty hard to describe him. Tomas has an amazing body and we are sure that he is going to win you over with one look at his beautiful eyes. Like many other guys around here, he is straight, he has a girlfriend. He likes football, running and boxing. Another thing he told us during the interview was that he really enjoys life and he would like to try out everything. This casting was one of the things he wanted to try out and he did a great job. After we finished talking with him it was time to take some pictures of our hunk.

Like we said earlier he has an amazing body and we got some really great pics with it. But there was more to this interview. Now we had to really test Tomas out with our cameraman. In this business, it’s not enough to just look good. That’s why during this interview you are going to see him sucking off a dick that ends up with cumshots. Our cameraman really enjoyed Tomas but the decision is yours because we what to know what you guys think about Tomas and his audition. We think this interview was a success, he’s hot and he knows how to suck a dick and take a dick up his ass. Make sure you check him out in the scene below and we’ll see you next time with an amazing video!

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